Sunday, April 23, 2006

gig 007- w/House Band #9

Saturday April 22, 2006
@ Café Pazzazz on rue de l’Eglise in Val-David, Quebec
9:30 pm-12:30am

John Sobol – sax
Alain Juteau – guitare electrique
Gary Lindner – drums/batterie
François Myrand – basse
Richard St-Aubin – acoustic guitar

50 spectators
Set 1: 40 minutes
Set 2: 40 minutes
Set 3: 40 minutes
Improvised instrumental jams on simple and not-so-simple song forms
Serious grooves and blowing
no recording
no press
no cover charge
our regular gig
alcohol sold and consumed
general musical mayhem

Alain subbing for Laurent did a fine job
wailing guitar licks and solos
also a flute player sat in
not too much to say about it all other than it was business as usual
hardblowing and (at our best) badass grooves
though unusually a couple of train wrecks too

Risk Factor: 2.5
Riff Factor: 9.5
Success Factor: invincibility
Wild Card: the babysitter
Cash Factor: 7
Parking Lot: a hard spring rain falling
Fun: 8
Domination: 9.5


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