Monday, May 15, 2006

gig 010 – w/House Band #9

Saturday May 13, 2006
@ Café Pazzazz on rue de l’Eglise in Val-David, Quebec
9:30 pm-1:00am

John Sobol – sax
Lauren Belec – guitare electrique
Jean-François Barbeau – drums/batterie
François Myrand – basse
Richard St-Aubin – acoustic guitar

50 spectators
Set 1: 40 minutes
Set 2: 40 minutes
Set 3: 40 minutes
Improvised instrumental jams on simple and not-so-simple song forms
Serious grooves and blowing

Well we really tore the roof off the joint
as usual but more than usual too
in this our familiar home
Lauren was in a hard-rocking mood and i was fed up with various things and needing to cut loose
all in all it made for a crazy ride
people screaming and yelling and dancing all night long
which is cool considering we ain't no dance band

i was completely exhausted by the time the third set rolled around
it's brutal to play unamplified with a kickass drum kit and three amplified guitars (bass, electric and acoustic)
all they have to do to turn up is tweak a knob whereas i'm blowing my guts out hour after hour
but hey i 'm not really complaining
at least i do get to blow endlessly and have everyone really get into it
very rewarding and fun if also gruelling as hell
another night in the music mines


Risk Factor: 2
Riff Factor: 9
Success Factor: over the moon
Wild Card: Mukhti's hair catching fire
Cash Factor: 6.5
Parking Lot: pouring rain
Joy: 9.9
Obliteration: 9
Burnout: 9


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