Sunday, June 25, 2006

gig 015 – w/Nouzote a la Fete de la St. Jean

Vendredi 24 Juin, 2006
Sur la plage a Sainte-Agathe
2,000 personnes
first gig of the night

the band was Nouzote
an absolutely smoking Quebecois quartet
playing original chansons with a funk/gitane edge
folk uzeb maghreb fiori
several albums out
a lot of cred and killer chops
skilled professional musicians
playing tunes they knew inside out
with a fat fat sound and good gear
and after 8 years this was almost their last gig
they've already broken up as I write this a few days later
as planned
to pursue other personal paths
so it was a rich fabric in which to weave some magic
sitting in on a few tunes
quickly reviewed at sound check in the tent behind the stage
(tho felix the superb frontman initially had his guitar tuned down a half step, which fucked me up for a while as he forgot to tell me)
then blew my best at the gig
with many friends and fans in attendance
and of course family
louis sophie and annie all being happily present
a great time
really cool cats
very welcoming
out on this fabulous beach under the stars and trees
beer sold openly and consumed widely
dozens of kids running around
hundreds of teenagers
thousands altogether
good fireworks after our set
big smiles all around
happy st.jean


Risk Factor: 7
Riff Factor: 9
Success Factor: rock n roll for the whole family
Cash Factor: 7
Parking Lot: police boats offshore
Joy: 8
Obliteration: 3
Patriotism: 7


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