Sunday, June 25, 2006

gig 016 – w/House Band #9 (special edition)

Samedi 24 Juin
Cafe Pazzazz
10:45pm – 1:00am
50 wildly inflamed people
our groove band unexpectedly playing Coltrane's "Africa"
like a herd of elephants trumpeting
on the evening-ending suggestion of excellent guest electric guitarist David Gauthier
what a scream!
guest drummer tom sokolow absolutely killing elvin-like in back
second gig of the night
gotta be up the next morning at 4:45am
to leave to go rehearse in Toronto
happy st. jean!


Risk Factor: 2
Riff Factor: 11
Success Factor: saintsblood
Wild Card: predictably high-octane national bender
Cash Factor: 7
Parking Lot: a black mecedes on packed earth leaking roaches
Joy: 10
Obliteration: 8
Conjuring: Ace of Spades


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