Friday, July 21, 2006

gig 018 – House Band #9

Friday July 14, 2006
Cafe Pazzazz, Val-David

John Sobol – sax
Tom Sokolow – drums/batterie
Gary Lindner - piano
François Myrand – basse
Richard St-Aubin – acoustic guitar

Another merry night of musical mayhem
gary is not only a killer drummer but a monster keyboard player too
and tom is just a nutcase on drums
i love his unpredictable totally madcap playing
as usual an excellent night


Risk Factor: 3
Riff Factor: 9.9
Success Factor: kowabunga
Wild Card: I often space out when I'm playing a solo but I've been trying to keep my eyes open more --- well, tonight i spaced out with my eyes open and noticed at one point that without realizing it i had been staring directly into an audience member's crotch for about five minutes while soloing - i didn't really care but i don't know how he felt - another strange onstage moment
Cash Factor: 6
Parking Lot: 1001 pots
Joy: 7
Obliteration: 7


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