Saturday, July 22, 2006

gig 019 - House Band #9

Friday July 21, 2006
Cafe Pazzazz, Val-David

John Sobol – sax
Tom Sokolow – drums/batterie
David Gauthier - electric guitar
François Myrand – basse
Richard St-Aubin – acoustic guitar
Felix Leroux – percussion

Probably 75 people jammed into the little club in Val-David
renovations are under way to expand significantly tho so we'll be playing to bigger houses soon
a great night as always
we started late because at the 1001 Pots festival across rue de l'Eglise they were showing a Japanese film about ceramics and sex outside under the stars
i missed it but it sounded good...
highlights of our night included our finale
"With Or Without You"
another inspired off-the-cuff song selection by our special guest guitairist david gauthier
(last time he played with us his finale suggestion was Coltrane's Africa - which was a real blast)
we ended up doing a dub version of the U2 song that I turned into an evening outro by adding
"Everything's gonna be all right" riffs on sax and then on the mic
wrapping things up nicely
getting an encore even
after 3 sets
which we dutifully did

as always some pretty wired people in the crowd
it's nice to get the deep appreciation that people show
nice to feel the love
but sometimes it comes in from some pretty weird angles
and with some bizarre baggage
still, you learn to take it as it comes

Risk Factor: 3
Riff Factor: 9.9
Wild Card: A super-intense Vincent Van Gogh look-alike telling me about his pit-bull-skin jacket (?!) and how our show was a tonic against the bad-vibe inflicted by having been passed by a swarm of Hells Angels on the way to the club (yeow!@)
Cash Factor: 7
Parking Lot: sex and ceramics
Joy: 10
Obliteration: 9
Jays vs. Yankees: Jays win 7-3


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